Girls sell intercourse in Hong Kong to make money that is shopping

Girls sell intercourse in Hong Kong to make money that is shopping

This story contains depictions that are graphic could be unsettling to some visitors.

Many girls who participate in compensated dating do not see on their own as prostitutes, a worker that is social.

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HONG KONG, China (CNN) — She does not want become identified, except by her nickname “Sze,” and she’s got a key past. Her dad does not understand what she did as being a 16-year-old, and she hopes he never ever discovers. But Sze, now 19, wishes girls to know her story so that they never result in the mistake that is same.

“My very first consumer ended up being a man that is ordinary their 40s. We skipped the supper component and went directly to the visitor house for intercourse,” Sze recalled. “Actually, I happened to be a bit frightened, but we knew this is the way that is only could easily get cash. This consumer was not bad, however. We simply had intercourse, he paid, then he left. We thought this is simple cash, this is exactly why We proceeded achieving this sorts of thing.”

For per year . 5, Sze ended up being section of an increasing phenomenon that is social teenagers in Hong Kong called “compensated dating,” a training by which a new girl agrees to be on a date with a person for the cost. Most of the time, the date involves intercourse.

Sze said she began paid dating because lots of her classmates at an all-girls college had been carrying it out. Read more